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MOLLY The Beautiful Pig

Readers are soon sympathetic in their understanding of Molly’s struggle when a beautiful-pig dilemma turns her world upside down.

Enhanced by striking, lively illustrations, eye-popping colours, and realistic characters, this fun, gratifying story about an inspiring pig is sure to please early readers.

MOLLY The Beautiful Pig

Meets Totem

Focusing on Molly’s friendships, which are all quite helpful and cooperative, the story shifts to introduce Totem. Will Totem fit in? Will he have a kind heart?

Balanced on the back of a gorgeous, bold set of illustrations, this beautifully written, heartwarming lesson in friendship is perfect, not only for early readers but for those who love sharing stories with children.

MOLLY The Beautiful Pig

Has a Pink Party

Molly has never had a birthday before. Presents and surprises go hand-in-hand as all the delights of a pink party unfold.