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Molly The Beautiful Pig
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
 by Author, Neena H. Brar
A charming, reflective picture book with a quiet message…

The book champions sensibility, and Ferrett’s light, witty treatment of the eternal subject of “beauty” makes this a thoughtful read for little girls.
Striking, lively illustrations with eye-popping colors and sweet goofiness will keep young children entertained. 
This fun, gratifying tale should easily please young readers and make for a welcome addition to their bedside bookshelf.

 by Jillian Peers

Molly The Beautiful Pig is a delightful story for all ages to enjoy over and over again. The illustrations beautifully compliment the thoughtful text as the reader is immersed in the life of Molly and her friends. The author takes the reader through the process of solving the dilemma Molly faces with a clever insightful resolution. I look forward to the sequel!

 by Eveline
So Sweet!

Each page brought smiles to my face. Really enjoyed this lovely story and am looking forward to future Molly adventures.

 by Margaret
Pink, Gentle, Adorable Molly

A lovely story with a message of friendship and mindfulness. My great niece and granddaughters say Molly is kind. They love her. I love the simple and vivid illustrations. We're looking forward to more Molly adventures!

Hello Margaret. Thrilled that the little people in your life have met Molly. Please be sure to thank them for their kind words and give them a Molly hug.

 by Emily

Adorable book with a good ending message!

Thank you so much for taking the time to review Emily.

 by Michael
Unique story with cute illustrations.

Bought this for a friend's daughter who loves pigs. It was a big hit!

Wonderful! Molly is warming hearts and making friends. Thank you for providing an opportunity for them to connect.

 by Andrea
Sweet and Endearing

Molly is such a lovable pig! It's amazing how much expression a stuffed pig can convey - even without a mouth. I really enjoy her relationship with cat and Suzie. A sweet simple story.

Thank you Andrea. I am so pleased to know that Molly’s relationship with her friends did account, in part, for your rating. It is such an important aspect of who she is, and of friendship, as we know it.-Marilyn Ferrett, Author

 by Natika
Amazing Book!

What a great book and a great message!

I do appreciate that the quiet message in Molly's story did not go unnoticed Natika. Thank you so much for your review. Countering the barrage of image messaging that children are exposed to takes an army of support.-Marilyn Ferrett, Author